Tempered/Toughened Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to enhance its strength compared with standard glass. At CLEARSTTONE GLASS, we transform the naturally fragile glass to make it five times stronger through our proprietary toughening process. Safety is paramount for this type of glass, and we ensure that even when this glass breaks, it shatters into bluntly-edged tiny pieces.

Application: Building facade, shop fronts,railings, shower cubicles, partitions, doors and windows etc.

Heat Strengthened Glass

Twice as strong as annealed glass, CLEARSTONE heat-strengthened glass has excellent optical clarity while maintaining strong mechanical and thermal stress capabilities. While eliminating the risk of spontaneous breakage, heat strengthening also ensures that fragments remain in the frame, even in case of unlikely breakage.

Application: Building Facades, Curtain walls.

Heat Soaked Glass

The presence of nickel sulfide inclusions in float glass makes it susceptible to spontaneous breakage. At Clearstone we perform highly effective heat soak tests to ensure high assurance against such a risk.

Application: Railings, Doors

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a natural choice for requirements of safety, security, solar control, UV protection and noise control. We laminate glass using PVB, SGP, coloured and acoustic interlayer’s. In case of glass breakage, the interlayer still holds the glass and remains intact, protecting people from injury.

Application: Skylights, Railing, Building Facades, Glass floors, Lift lobby, Car windshields, etc.

Insulated Glass

Our efficient insulation process (with primary and secondary seals of silicone) achieves high thermal performance through minimized heat gain or loss. It efficiently absorbs stress due to thermal expansion and pressure, and provides effective barriers to water and moisture infiltration, as well as loss of specialty gas fills.

Application: Building facades, Curtain walls, Windows.

Silk Screen or Ceramic Glass

Used in applications where it is important to mask a part of or the whole of glass (for privacy and aesthetic reasons), silk-screen glass offers variety in colour and graphics. We custom-design spaces with silk screen printing while imparting outstanding mechanical features and resistance property through tempering and heat strengthening.

Application: All types of glass application.

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