Sustainable Development

Care for Employees

Sustainable Development

Innovative, Collaborative, Green, Open, Sharing

Sustainable development is the basic relationship between natural, social, ecological, and economical resources and the use of natural resources, to ensure sustainability of global development so that the development of mankind meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Make Life Safer and Better

Harmonious Ecosystem

Clearstone Glass has been paying close attention to the energy efficiency and environmental preservation in collaborations with partners along the supply chain: In supply chain management, Clearstone Glass prioritizes the use of green and pollution-free raw materials and manufacturers; In terms of production, Clearstone Glass adopts innovative processes and technologies to minimize waste emissions; In the aspect of corporate management, Clearstone Glass has implemented IT-based management and promotes paperless operation to reduce resource consumption.

Social Responsibilities

While pursuing for corporate success, Clearstone Glass actively participates in various public welfare activities as its social responsibilities to promote social cohesion and progress: Clearstone Glass caresfor the Environment and community and has been participating in various activities undervarious verticals like Rural initiatives, climate change, Entrepreneurship, Road safety etc which includes Awareness programs and also donations to support campaigns.

Staff Welfare:

Employees are the core assets of the enterprise. Clearstone Glass is committed to creating a harmonious working environment where employees respect and help each other, to build a platform for employees to grow with the enterprise, and to offer comprehensive career development planning and support, helping them realize their full potential and strive with the enterprise for the shared dream.

Healthy and Safe Working Environment

A healthy and safe working environment is the foundation of a happy life. Clearstone Glass hires professional safety advisers to assist each department and business unit to establish a sound occupational health and safety management system and environment management system. The company not only can ensure the safety of employees and production but also has become an environmentally-friendly enterprise.

Salary protection program in full compliance with regulations

Clearstone Glass provides competitive salaries and fringe benefits to employees as required by law; in addition to social insurance, Clearstone Glass provides free annual check-ups, and organizes various recreational activities regularly.

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