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With more than 35 years of expertise and experience in the Glass and export/import industry of the Promoters, Clearstone Glass Industry LLP is established with a vision to be India’s Largest and Leading Integrated Glass processing and fabricating company using the most advanced machinery, expertise, precision, and quality products for India and the neighbouring countries.

The usage of glass in both the real estate, automobiles and interior and exterior industries are widespread, where premium quality, high-performance glass, and innovatively textured glasses are in high demandand by providing the finest quality products in this arena, Clearstone Glass has today become the preferred choice for Developers, Architects, and Interior Designers alike. The company has one of the largest processing plants in Eastern India and follows a transparent and committed customer-centric approach in all its services.

Today, through a series of innovative achievements and in the new wave of technological revolution, Clearstone Glass is leading the Glass processing industry to achieve the ideal of “making life safer, better and high Performance!”


35 years of expertise and experience.


Total Factory Area is more than 60,000 sqft.


More than 100 of our experts Employees


Fully Automatic and latest Fabricating Machinery.


Our mission is to ultimately make life safer and better for our all Stakeholders –Customers, Architects, Suppliers, PMC’s and the country at large. By Valuing ethics and values and keeping sharp focus on our vision.

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The Clearstone Glass advantage

  • Forced Jet Convection Tempering Furnace Line– the latest model Jin Glass force convection tempering furnace – Capable of processing glass of 4 mm to 19 mm, up to 4200 * 2700 mm Jumbo size – 2.5 lakh sq mtr mm + of glass per month
  • Specialized in Processing High Performance – double silver -Triple silver – Low-emissivity glasses
  • Laminated Glass – Double/ Multi-layer – Flat with fabric/ PLDC possibilities
  • Hi-speed Glass washing/cleaning machine
  • Insulating Glass – fully automatic Machine processing line (capacity up to 3500 * 2500 mm) and processing for intricate shapes and designs – Step glazing and Triple glazing also available
  • CNC Cutting Machines with 4 station auto loader – Speed and accuracy
  • Automatic sandblasting machine and decorative glass set-up
  • Double Edger for high quality edge polishing and accuracy in sizes
  • Automatic drilling / arising and shape edging machine
  • Superior RO water purifier and Demineralisation plant for High quality glass production
  • Equipped with an automatic EOT crane system for easy and safe handling of Raw materials.
  • Edge deletion machine before Dgu processing – Ensures no edge dip in high performance glasses.
  • Complete ERP online Software system for seamless and clear back end operations


Our unique processing capabilities still remain unmatched and that’s one of the core reasons why we are the first choice amongst developers and end-users of North East India when it comes to processing glass for their architecture.

A seamless start-to-finish machine layout that moves glass without the need to unload.

India’s fastest tempering line with turbo-charged forced convection.

The most automated plant in the country with minimal manual handling – see it to believe it!.

Best Sealing instrument for insulated glass ensures no warpage and no filling gaps.

Sophisticated IT system that tracks every glass and allows you to do so too

In-house water filtration system for glass processing with water quality so pure you can actually drink it!

Capability to handle jumbo glass sizes (as large as 3300 mm X 6000 mm) – beat that!

Unarguably the highest expertise in laminating unique materials such as mesh, fabrics, paper and PET films – with a track record to prove it.



To ultimately make life safer and better for our all Stakeholders – Customers, Architects, Suppliers, PMC’s and the country at large. By Valuing ethics and values and keeping sharp focus on our Vision.


To become India’s leadingand most trusted Glass Processing Company with ethical, environment-friendly, professional, and financially sound business processes. To deliver more value to our customers, offer more opportunities for our employees, and ultimately make life safer and better!


We believe in fostering meaningful relationships, upholding commitments, delivering quality products, providing the best solutions and altogether exceeding expectations. We strive for collective success by working together with our customers

Certifications / Accreditations


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