World’s Fastest & Most Powerful Heat-Treating System

Forced, turbo-charged, top convection system to heat-treat glasses with emissive as low as 0.02. Tempering speeds as low as 35 seconds per millimeter, for minimum optical distortion and uniform, stresses on final product.

Edge Deletion System

Advanced edge deletion system before double glazing for no edge dip and superior quality for silver-based low-e glasses.

Water Filtration Plant with Demineralization

Combination of reverse osmosis and demineralization filtration to automatically keep water at desired conductivity levels. Ensures perfect coating preservation during edging and washing.

Vacuum Handling Systems

Frictionless, vacuum operation suction systems to do away with manual glass handling.

Dedication Quality Laboratory

Advanced test equipment to stringently quality-control material, production, and product.

System & Process Control

Production software network integrated to ERP system. Supervises administrative and factory operations. Provides real-time and live updates.

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